A Journey into Poetry . . .


Come and I will take you on a journey with words.  Along the way, we will see tigers and  morning glories.  We will walk the flowered forests of Arkansas and skim the shimmering seas of never-never land . . . for I am a poet.

As we walk through fields of morning glories dressed in shades of sky blue, be careful always to watch out for tigers.  Though their many stripes are splendid, and their breath is warm as fresh cow’s milk, their paws hold deadly claws.  Yet their touch is that of kittens . . . for I am a poet.         (From my chapbook, Tigers and Morning Glories . . . a journey into poetry . . . )

© 2013, Freeda Baker Nichols

Morning Glories

10 comments on “A Journey into Poetry . . .

  1. Dorothy Johnson says:

    Very nice, Freeda. I don’t have this book. If you bring one to CAW, I’ll buy it!


  2. Dot Hatfield says:

    Beautiful. And I have enjoyed your chap book.


  3. Alice says:

    Let’s go!


  4. Rita Dortch says:

    I love poetry, but find that not all people can fathom the deep recesses of a poet’s mind and journey. Sometimes only the poet’s heart can understand the poet’s words. I open my thoughts to paper, yet only I can realize the pain, happiness, anguish, or elation that appears from my pen. Therefore only I can understand the verse. Yours, however, are beautiful.


    • Rita–Take heart. Write daily. The journey is yours. Share. Others are waiting for the words of your pen.

      Your words in this comment are beautiful! Thank you for taking time to share with me.


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