Excerpt from my story

English: Western Sandpipers in Bolsa Chica Eco...

Giving thanks to the open ocean, just off Waim...

English: Sea gulls in flight over the Dutch Wa...

The main character in my short story is Calypso, an artist from Texas, who has lived in California for nineteen years. The story is told from her viewpoint, and in present tense. The following lines are Calypso’s thoughts as she walks along a beach.

(The ocean fascinates me.  Growing up in Texas, I seldom ventured to the coast.  The first time I came to California, I fell in love with the blue, lapping waves. I love to smell the wet sand and to search for unusual shells.  Sea gulls and sandpipers are so much fun to watch.  Moving about on wiry legs, the sandpipers peck and probe into the sand with their short bills.  When they take flight, they sound a piping-like cry of ‘twee-wee-wee.’ The gulls glide majestically above the water.  Marine life is interesting, too. And snorkeling is still an adventure for me.  Critters of all kinds swim in close to the shore.)

© Copyright, 2013, Freeda Baker Nichols

3 comments on “Excerpt from my story

  1. patlaster says:

    For some strange reason, I have to re-enter my email/password if I want to “like.” I’ll just wait till it comes on FB,, then click on like.


    • Pat, I’m not aware of any changes in WordPress, and I always have to re-enter mine when I comment on BlogSpot.com. I’m sorry for the inconvenience, and I’ll miss seeing you on this page. You’ve been dedicated and encouraging. But I will see ya’ on Facebook! Thanks. Good luck in your new idea for your Sequel chapter.


    • Pat, there was a problem that seems to be corrected now, so you may continue comments here instead of Facebook, if you’d like. At least, I think it may be easier now to click “Like.” I hope so.


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