Kippy and the Doves

A visitor for lunch!

A visitor for lunch!

Kippy came at lunchtime
in the middle of the day.
The doves were kind and gentle–
he decided he would stay.

He ate their meager offering–
leftovers from the grain.
His lunch was quite yummy
and took away his hunger pain.

Now when Kippy climbs
out on an oak tree limb,
he watches over gentle doves
who were so kind to him.

© Copyright, Freeda Baker Nichols

10 comments on “Kippy and the Doves

  1. He almost blends with those doves!


  2. I WIlkerson says:

    Cute! I’d swear the birds toss down seed from our feeder to the wildlife below.


  3. I find the Doves to be so humbling…Not intruding …just waiting patiently …and for them to be kind to the squirrel…Yes, that would be their way…


  4. Catherine Johnson says:



  5. Rita Dortch says:

    This is so sweet. I love it.


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