I Thank You Sincerely

With 31 new poems written and posted, I’m  back at writing a short story. Before I begin today’s chapter, I want to say thanks to everyone who viewed, commented, or followed this blog during my poetry-writing month of January 2013.  Your interest amazes me and humbles me. I thank you sincerely.

This is a good time to also say thanks to Roland Mann,  mentor at Hemingway-Pfeiffer Writers’ Retreat, whose advice I followed to begin this blog. He also helped to set it up. Roland teaches Creative Writing at Full Sail University, Orlando, Florida.  His blog is an inspiration to writers as he shares his expertise in the publishing field.

I’d like to say a special thanks to my blog’s top three commenters, according to a WordPress summary. These bloggers have supported me from the beginning with their comments and I can’t thank them enough.  I’ve never met any of them, but wouldn’t it be awesome if I could?

My top three commenters, from the blog’s beginning a year ago, in this order are: Inger WilkersonCatherine Johnson, and Ginger Pruitt. (Ginger does not have a blog, but she is on Facebook)

Inger has a fabulous blog about recipes and healthy food. Her photos are awesome. Her notes attached with the recipes are like a welcoming invitation to dinner.  And you will want to try her recipes.

Catherine’s blog is a happy place to view, so full of life and adventure as she shares her poetry, her delightful reviews of children’s books and novels. She’s friendly and her blog is encouraging and helpful to writers,  poets and bloggers.

Ginger is someone I met through Facebook, and if she had a blog, it would be outstanding.  Her Facebook posts reflect her sense of humor.  Once she found that I write, and that I started the blog, she has faithfully commented with encouragement.

My top three posts with most views in January 2013 were: Book a Flight for Me, Wild Azaleas, Quotes from my diary and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow.

My top three topics were: Poetry, blogging, photos.

The views came from many countries.

Thanks, again, to all.

Freeda Baker Nichols,
a poet and a writer,
of Banner Mountain, USA


15 comments on “I Thank You Sincerely

  1. The poems were beautiful, Freeda!


  2. Dorothy Johnson says:

    Congratulations on finishing well. I’m impressed. I enjoyed your poems and look forward to reading that short story!


  3. Congratulations Freeda–this was truly an accomplishment! And thank you so much for the shout out and kind words! Looking forward to news of the short story!


    • Thanks, again, to you, Inger, for being there so often, for being my friend. I enjoy your blog very much. You do a marvelous job with it. I’ll keep you posted on the short story. I did a chapter today and have it ready for the critique group. BTW, I’m waiting for a picture of your kitten.


  4. Catherine Johnson says:

    Thank you Freeda! I’m so pleased you did a poem a day, thank you for all your helpful comments and good luck with your story.


    • Thanks once more for getting me started on writing a poem a day. It was good discipline and lots of fun. Now, I will finish handwriting the poems into a journal. Had no time to write them down as the days went by.


      • Catherine Johnson says:

        I’m going to copy and paste all my favorites so I can learn from the others. I didn’t understand all of them 😉


        • A good idea. I had never written many of the forms I used in January. I’m sure many of the poems can be improved. It takes time for a poem to “settle” and often I see important changes to make, later on. I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have. I’ve not had much time today, but I plan to go back and read your post for today — especially the haiku. 🙂 Not that I can help you there. lol


  5. Ginger Kemp Pruett says:

    Freeda thank you so much for the kind words from you about me. It isnt any secret that i have enjoyed your book, poems and statuses.
    I feel as if i know you as a friend and someday i hope we will get to meet each other, for real.
    There are some people we are able to connect with and then seems we really do know each other, for me you have been one of those people. The first poem i came across of yours and read on my newsfeed was the one about an old house feeling so empty without your mother in it, the title eludes me just now but when i read it and many of your other poems it just msde me think of family of mine from the past.
    Thank you for the 31 day journey


  6. patlaster says:

    Next is a book of your January poems, right??? As I’ve already said, great job on a great task/opportunity.


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