Winter Rain and Daisies

The rain in winter hits the ground to run
in rivulets to muddy pool and creek.
The hidden, strong and glaring rays of sun
dare not to draw the veil for one quick peek.
And so it is a weary time, at best
for man within the waves of winter’s rain–
for beasts of burden, birds upon a nest,
for all who shiver but do not complain.
When warming sun removes the veil, at last,
and man is glad at sight of newborn day,
perhaps the worst of wintertime is past
and green-leaf spring is somewhere on its way.
Only the sun can take away the chill
and wake the sleeping daisies on the hill.

c Copyright, 2013, Freeda Baker Nichols


(Shakespearean sonnet, one of my favorite forms to use in writing poetry)

8 comments on “Winter Rain and Daisies

  1. Dot Hatfield says:

    I like to read sonnets, Freeda. This is a nice poem and even though we haven’t had many winter days, I’m ready for spring.


    • The day I wrote this one, the rain kept fallilng and was so cold, I worried for the horses out in it! That’s when my son and grandsons bought warm blanket-coats for the horses to wear.


  2. Ginger Kemp Pruett says:

    I can relate to this new poem. I am looking forward to the warm sunshine, and the flowers it will bring. Rain i can deal with, but when its cold to the bone, oh do i wish for warm sun.
    I agree with the comments urging you to continue with the daily new posts, and not using the past ones. Keep up the good work.


  3. Catherine Johnson says:

    Freeda that is sensational! Don’t be tempted to write an old one just allow yourself to write a few simple ones and maybe don’t post them.


    • Actually, Catherine, I’m having fun with this. I am also putting these new ones in a small journal, keeping them together. This has been a great challenge for me. I want to continue it all month. My sister in California likes the animal pictures.


  4. patlaster says:

    Is you “challenge” to write a new poem each day or post a poem each day? I like the sonnet.


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