6 comments on “Senryu

  1. Alice says:

    Is that cat nest on a sewing machine base?


    • Yes. An old relic given to me by my sister. It is now the legs to a table top that was once the porcelain lid from a square-shaped water heater. A porch ornament by day and cat’s nest by night. I like your term “cat’s nest”, Alice. Thanks for commenting.


      • Alice says:

        I have an old Singer sewing machine base I use as a plant stand. The machine was my mother’s, and I still remember hearing the thumping of the treadle. My cats finds a nest on my bed.


  2. This yellow cat is about 10 years old. Thanks for your comments, Dorothy and Marilyn.
    So, Marilyn, your cat’s name is the same as your blogger name? babyjill? And to Dorothy, I like the name Lucy for your calico.


  3. Our Jill is is 12… and she sleeps a lot… although I’ve heard cats sleep all day where they can prowl the night…like the photo…looks very content!


  4. Dorothy Johnson says:

    You know i love kitties, so I especially like this. Our old calico, Lucy, sleeps a lot, but I am also amazed at how much the younger cats sleep.


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