When Animals Play

YOut in the woods the trees stand tall
where animals both large and small
run and jump beside a waterfall.
They splash and frolic every day
through drip and splatter of the spray.
They spend a lot of time at play.
I think the animals have fun
there in the woods in rain or sun
when they leap high and when they run.

c Copyright, 2013, Freeda Baker Nichols

(This poem is the tercet form)

6 comments on “When Animals Play

  1. Happy to hear the photo reminds you of home. Pleasant memories!


  2. Awww reminds me of home in connecticut


  3. It was fun to see the fawn, to take the photo, watch the young deer run into the woods, looking for its mother, I’m sure. Great to hear from you, Rita.


  4. Rita Dortch says:

    I love this!! I wish I could see it.


  5. I hope so, too. This fawn was well back from the main road on a practically private side country road leading to houses. A surprise for both of us!


  6. Saw a small herd of 8-9 romping today in the fog…hope they stay back from the road


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