Merry Christmastime –Haiku 12/12/12

red, blue, yellow, green
strings of lights hang on houses
Merry Christmastime

soft touch of snowflakes
sticking to the windowpane
fireplace all aglow

sparrow in barn loft
roosting on a bale of hay
sheep in the meadow

*shepherds in the field
near the town of Bethlehem
the night Christ was born

our Lord– the reason
why bright lights hang on houses
red, blue, yellow, green

(*Re: King James Bible,  Luke 2: 7 & 8)

c Copyright 2012, Freeda Baker Nichols

6 comments on “Merry Christmastime –Haiku 12/12/12

  1. I hope you find them, Inger. Why not try your hand at haiku without the magnet set?


  2. Oh this make me realize the Christmas refrigerator magnet set didn’t appear when we unloaded the decorations this year 😦 (though I can think of one more place to look…)


  3. Dot Hatfield says:

    Freeda, I like your Christmas poem. Maybe you’ll share it in the Advent book in 2013.


  4. kayladean says:

    Freeda, This is very good. I like how you compare the shepherds to the sparrows in the barn. The sparrows are hungry and seeking shelter and protection from the storm, just as the shepherds are hungry for something more in life–a spiritual hunger–and seek the Lord for shelter, protection, and to satisfy that hunger. Also, I love the symbolism of the lights. Red, yellow, green, and blue: that the Lord came not for one race, gender, or lineage, but for all. Very well written.


    • Thank you, Kayla. How interesting the way you responded to this poem. You brought out things I didn’t consciously think of as I composed this, but I can see that clearly now. I sat in my living room last night looking out the window at our Christmas lights and began writing. I wanted to create something on yesterday’s date–12/12/12.


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