Wild Azaleas

I found the wild azaleas growing pink
as cheeks hot-flushed with fever from a cold.
I drew the water for my mother’s drink
and placed the petals in a vase of gold.
I watched her shaking hands turn pale and dry
and move along the rim of china vase,
and then extend just as in days gone by
to mine.  No one can fill my mother’s place.

Wild Azaleas

Wild Azaleas

Please do not bring me roses white or red
nor wipe away my tears that fall in sheets
to cover her new cemetery bed.
In Heaven she now walks on golden streets
   while I go down a dark and dusty trail
   in search of pink azaleas for my pail.

c Copyright, 2012, Freeda Baker Nichols

23 comments on “Wild Azaleas

  1. Catherine Johnson says:

    By the way Freeda, whatever happened to David Lawrence? I can’t find him on Twitter anymore and his blog (Five Reflections) is no longer there either 😦


  2. Dorothy Johnson says:

    Sweet tribute to your mother. Thanks for sharing.


  3. I fortunately still have my mother, but I miss my dad terribly…


  4. Catherine Johnson says:

    Beautiful words and beautiful flowers, Freeda.


  5. Since I posted this, I researched wild azaleas and found that they are like honeysuckles that grow on a tree (or bush) rather than a vine. So, I learned something new, too. Awesome!


  6. Ginger Kemp Pruett says:

    I wasnt aware that Azaleas were different, but they both are very pretty, Learned something new.


  7. Martha York says:

    Lovely Freeda.


  8. Thanks, Ms Ginger!


  9. The wild azaleas grew in the Banner Mountain area once upon a time. Dont find them there now. But I did find a bush in bloom, growing in the woods along the highway a few years ago. Gene dug up some of it and we transplanted it in our yard but it died. They were beautiful and such a surprise to suddenly find them in bloom on a walk through the woods when I was a child. My mother said that for every tame flower, there is a wild one in the forest of the same description. Thank you, Pat, for your comment. Of course, the picture displayed with the poem is misleading. They are of the tame variety. 🙂


  10. Ginger Kemp Pruett says:

    Beautuful Freeda.


  11. patlaster says:

    Don’t think I ever knew there were wild azaleas. Wild coleus, wild asters, wild hydrangeas, but never heard of wild azaleas. Great, great poem.


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