By the Road on Banner Mountain

A plant at home place on Banner Mountain

The sky at Banner Mountain umbrellas memories.

a plant by road in
winter at an old home place
on Banner Mountain

a place where children
ran and played in summer sun
with shadows and dogs

when springtime arrived
bare toes touched green mossy earth
and the children laughed

by autumn, leaves died
and covered up the moss bed
and the children cried

the sky umbrellas
memories. By road a plant
on Banner Mountain.

c Copyright, 2012 Freeda Baker Nichols

2 comments on “By the Road on Banner Mountain

  1. Those are nice memories. The bottlebrush sounds interesting.


  2. Ginger Kemp Pruett says:

    Funny the things we remember from our childhood days. The plamts special flowers and so on. The two plants i remember are the Poppy flowers in my Grandmoms yard. She was the only one on her street who planted them and they lived. It is a wildflower but didnt seem to do well in home yards. The other was a bush that was called Bottlebrush. It was such a bright red and green and did look like a bottle clraning brush. She had many plants but those are the only two that i still remember.


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