Blogging from an iPad–

Blogging from an iPad created a problem with my recent post entitled “Haiku 20 Nov 12. ”  The poem that shows in my email desperately needs to be corrected. No way I can correct it, apparently, since it went out to my followers. For the error in the post, I’m sorry.  I think I won’t be posting from an iPad again any time soon, despite the convenience. My iPad seems to have a will of its own, does its own thing, no matter how I try to guide it in the right direction. I edited and corrected the post on the blog, but I suppose the corrected copy was not sent out to email subscribers. Perhaps this is just another day in the life of a writer and should be filed accordingly. 


6 comments on “Blogging from an iPad–

  1. Last time I tried to do that, it emptied the post I was trying to adjust! I had to turn on my computer and do the whole thing over again. Needless to say, I’ll visit blogs through my ipad but I won’t compose posts with it.


    • Experience is said to be a great teacher and believe me, I learned my lesson about blog-posting from an iPad when a blogger-friend emailed me saying, “There’s nothing on your blog but an apology.”


  2. The iPad was a gift last year from our children for our anniversary. And at first, I had to wait my turn because my husband enjoyed using it so much. He reads books on it. So guess I will give it back to him, although I’m using it to reply. Just
    can’t post very well with it. Happy Thanksgiving!


  3. Probably one of those things you chuckle about in the future–though aggravating when you are living it. Despite my past in the technology world, I have been running around with just a laptop and a tracfone (saving money to put kids through college), so now I don’t feel so deprived 😉

    Have a great Thanksgiving!


  4. Thank you for your comment. Good advice.


  5. I have had similar difficulties using my phone for social media websites! I no longer use my phone to interact with various accounts… problem solved!


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