To Write is My Dream

Along the way to Piggott

Along the way to Piggott

Writer on location at Piggott
Freeda Baker Nichols at Barn Studio where Hemingway wrote at Piggott, Arkansas

When I return to Piggott in the fall,
I often write of Ernest Hemingway.
An author, among others, he stands tall.
His books appeal to readers still today.

Although I write
my best,
my work does not
compare to his.

His masterpieces line library shelves,
the titles bold as black and silver braids.
My dream to write becomes reality
when I return to Piggott in the fall.

c Copyright 2012, Freeda Baker Nichols

This poem, in the Dorsimbra form, was written recently at the Writers’ Retreat at Hemingway-Pfeiffer Museum and Educational Center at Piggott, Arkansas. While I was at the retreat, the staff hosted a book signing and reading. I read from my book, “Call of the Cadron.” I read also from my poem collection. Two other authors  participated in the reading and book signing–Jo McDougall, mentor for the retreat, who is the author of a memoir called “Daddy’s Money”, and Donna Austin, author of “The Sunflower Principle.”  We read in the living room of the Pfeiffer House, which belonged to the in-laws of Ernest Hemingway.  It’s always inspiring and exciting to write in a location where a famous author visited his relatives, and wrote stories in the barn studio.

The Pfeiffer-Janes House

14 comments on “To Write is My Dream

  1. Would have been great to see you there, Roland!


  2. rolandmann says:

    Sorry that I missed your signing!


  3. Ginger Kemp Pruett says:

    When you said pictures, i thought but i only saw one so i was glad i did go back and saw the other two. I dont know what happened the first time, i think the same thing happened one other time.


    • Actually, I had two pictures at first, then edited and added the third one of the fall colors, since my poem was about “returning in the fall.”


      • Ginger Kemp Pruett says:

        I did see the pictures you posted of the fall, the trees and different areas were so pretty. I do enjoy the poems and all the photos you post. The first one i remember seeing was of the old house. Dont remember the actual Title but that one just seems to stay on my mind.


  4. Thanks for your encouragment, Ginger. This retreat was the 6th one I’ve attended there. Nice of you to go back and look at this again.


  5. I seemed to have forgotten to enter my comment, so here i am again. When i read the first time the only picture i saw was The Pfeiffer – Janes House. The photoof you by the barn is great…and i do love pictures of nature.
    Sorry i forgot to enter my comment the first time but glad i came back a second time and was able to see the other two photos as well.
    Keep up the good work.


  6. Catherine, thank you! I’ve had only a little time for blogging today so I want to re-look at yours tomorrow. The firemen story sounds interesting. Can’t imagine!


  7. Dorothy, it would have been awesome if you could have been there for my reading and book signing. However, I’m happy for you that your time at Diary Hollow was productive. That place in itself sounds like a writer’s dream!


  8. Catherine Johnson says:



  9. Dorothy Johnson says:

    I wish I could have been in two places at once so I could have attended HW retreat, been at your book signing, and have heard you read while still accomplishing what I did at Dairy Hollow. Proud of you and for you! D


  10. I always enjoy the retreat with other writers. As for the different poetry patterns, writing poetry is not unlike following a proven recipe to cook delicious food, which you do so well! Your blog is creative and beautiful. Thanks for your comment on this post. BTW, my favorite of Hemingway’s stories is The Old Man and the Sea.


  11. Sounds like it was a fun and productive event! The many difference forms of poetry are mind-boggling to a non-poet–thanks for sharing! I recently read A Paris Wife, and learned more about Hemingway and the era.


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