My October Treasure


Near Homeplace in October 2012

October, I love you and here’s the reason,
you are the best part of my favorite season.
You kiss the pumpkins in kind, cool nights;
you schedule the wild geese for southern flights.
You color the leaves in Crayola blends,
then light up the sky until autumn ends.
You welcome each moment with radiant foxfire;
you are the season that I most admire.
Your rains are gentle, your joys are deep;
October, you are my treasure to keep.

c Copyright 2012, Freeda Baker Nichols

6 comments on “My October Treasure

  1. November is also worthy of a poem but I don’t yet have one ready to post.


  2. Alas, goodbye October…


  3. Beautiful poem. Like the Crayon reference.
    And October is when the humidity finally dies down!


  4. Freeda Baker Nichols says:

    Thanks, Ginger, and Wow! My thanks to all the bloggers who like this poem. So nice of each one to take the time to respond.


  5. This is a great poem, and what a wonderful photo to top it off. I am truly enjoying the autumm pictures you have been posting.
    Thank you


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