Dust Cover — Peaceful, like the Cadron

They say you can’t judge a book by its cover. But I wonder if maybe you can. The colorful painting for “Call of the Cadron,” my first novel, which was painted by artist, Yvonne Baker Hall, (who happens to be my sister), seems to depict some conflict, some sadness, some happiness, perhaps. Despite that, the cover looks peaceful, like an invitation to sit down and read a while. Find out what happened in the lives of Jordan Maxey, Garrett Jones and Michael Younger in the little place called Old Piney Town in Arkansas, in 1983. 

4 comments on “Dust Cover — Peaceful, like the Cadron

  1. What a wonderful accomplishment for you and your sister to share!


    • Inger, it is an experience that I enjoy more and more as time goes by. I realize it’s unusual for this to happen without any real planning it. I had found some pictues I was planning to buy to use on the cover. I sent copies to her to ask her opinion, and she just began a painting to resemble the pictures I’d found. She had never illustrated a book before. In fact, when I did my children’s books, she said she couldn’t illustrate them. So it’s kind of unique how it happened and now I hear lots of compliments on the cover art. And I’m getting good comments, too, on the story. I’m humbled by that. You never know how your writing will come across to someone else.


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