Real Writers Dream Big

From my files–

The clock on the wall is on time. It’s always on time.  I think if it were slow,  then I would have more time to write.  The calendar to my left, also on the wall, stares down at me with a mountain scene of somewhere in Montana.  Reminds me of the vacation we took to Oregon, when we traveled through Montana on our return trip.
     Books and photo albums line the shelves along two walls of my office.  My slide projector sits to the right side of my computer.  It’s been there since the weekend when the kids were home for Laura’s wedding.  I had hoped to drag out the old slides and look at pages of our past, when the children were small. But there wasn’t time for that.  Everyone had to get back to jobs and school.
     Papers, needing to be filed, are scattered across my desk.  There are always papers that need to be filed, so what’s the use of doing that chore every day?  I’d rather create new stuff.  I wonder what it would cost to hire a secretary?

c Copyright 2012, Freeda Baker Nichols

8 comments on “Real Writers Dream Big

  1. I wish my clock were slow and I had more time now too!


  2. Pitty says:

    Seven real writers are deep into the process halfway through our week. Our desks are clear of stray papers, no cats to feed, no floors to sweep, no kids to coddle–time ONLY to write, to contemplate, to revise, to discuss, to “be.” Wish you were here, too. pl


  3. Catherine Johnson says:

    I think all publishing contracts should include secretaries and cleaners lol.


  4. Dot Hatfield says:

    Yes! we all need a secretary. Why can’t I organize myself as well as I do for others? Don’t always comment, but I love your blog.


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