These Hills


These hills that reach to touch me
and encircle me with mirth
are the hills that I’ve called home,
since the moment of my birth.

I’ve sometimes thought of leaving
but then have changed my mind;
I’d never find an Ozarks
like the one I’d leave behind.

There’s no place like this
wherever I might roam;
no sky as blue as the one above
these hills that are my home.

These wild and wonderful Ozarks
so rich in country lore,
reach lovingly to hold me
forever at their door.

c Copyright, 2012, Freeda Baker Nichols
Published in Ozarks Mountaineer

7 comments on “These Hills

  1. Darrel Nichols says:



  2. Great post and I wanted to let you know that I just awarded you the versatile blogger award. I know some of my awardees have gotten this before, but I do have my favorites and really wanted to honor you. For the announcement, see:


    • Thanks, Inger! I never imagined I’d be awarded a versatile blogger award and I’m surprised. Since I’m a beginner at blogging, I have no idea what this honor is about. But again, thank you.


  3. fivereflections says:

    traveling through the Ozark hills, it is hard not to think of White Oak, Sassafras, Hickory, Black Walnut, Butternut, Bowwood, Cedar, Dogwood, Catalpa, Redbud, and Pawpaw…. oh the fragrance of hickory smoke stirs the taste buds…

    David in Maine USA


    • I’m not sure I’ve seen a Butternut tree and I don’t know about the Bowwood, but my novel, with its setting in Arkansas, mentions the Sycamore, Birch, and Chinquapin. The other trees on your list are all familiar to me.


  4. Martha York says:

    Freeda, this one got to me…… I did leave…..and only get to visit once in awhile. Love the sentiment, love the Ozarks.


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