It’s a Writer’s Life—page 8–Patience, Perseverance, and Daily Notes

Call it a writing exercise, if you like, and label it daily notes, but without fail, sit at your computer every day and write four pages as fast as you can type. If the computer is not your preferred method of jotting down your thoughts, then do the same warm-up writing exercise in the manner you prefer. Pencil and paper work fine, too.

Catch phrases, a single word that stands out in your mind, a paragraph, the first line of a poem or maybe the last line of a story.  An idea.  A good title for a novel. The name for a character.  Whatever you write is not important at this point.  Just get your thoughts down on paper. In so doing, you clear away the clutter that’s keeping you from seeing the beauty underneath. And quite possibly, you will go back to the four pages in your files and pull a note from the stack of thoughts that will work great in a new creation.

Daily notes are necessary to a writer or a poet. 

Perseverance is also something a writer needs. You must stick with your dream, your desire to write. The small success I’ve attained as a writer is mine because I didn’t give up when disappointments came in the form of rejections or reviews from people who didn’t quite “get” the meaning of my story. 

Finally, patience is a quality that a writer somehow must acquire and make use of daily. It’s helpful in all areas of life but especially needed when a writer anticipates the return or acceptance of a story, book, or poem. Or, as in my case now, for the first novel to come off the press. “Call of the Cadron” is bound to arrive soon  someday!

c Copyright, 2012, Freeda Baker Nichols

10 comments on “It’s a Writer’s Life—page 8–Patience, Perseverance, and Daily Notes

  1. Have you read “The Paris Wife”? It was interesting to read the description of Hemingway’s writing process in it.


  2. Thank you, Catherine. Glad you stopped in to comment.


  3. Catherine Johnson says:

    Well said!


  4. rolandmann says:

    Amen to that! “WRITE” is a verb…an ACTION verb! 🙂


  5. Dot Hatfield says:

    Good help for new and seasoned writers!


  6. Pitty says:

    Amen and amen! Very well written piece. p


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