Portsmouth, NHMission

How patriotic am I?
With respect and honor,
I recite the pledge
and sing the National Anthem.

But would I pick up a rifle,
sight and aim it
in defense of my liberty?
Would I die?
How patriotic am I?

This country I claim;
I delight in its wealth and its beauty;
its freedom I strongly proclaim,
But to keep it,
would I be willing to die?
Would I?
How patriotic am I?

c Copyright, 2012, Freeda Baker Nichols
From Poets’ roundtable of Arkansas Anthology

7 comments on “GOD BLESS MY AMERICA

  1. You should seriously think about adding more photography to your writing–really complimented nicely!


  2. Martha York says:

    Love this. Makes one think.


  3. Dot Hatfield says:

    Beautiful pictures with your patriotic poem. And good thoughts. Dot


    • Thank you, Dot. I hope one of two things. Either it gets easier the more times I post a photo or that I quit posting them. lol I like attempting to keep up the blog and sharing the poems and pictures, but it’s time-consumming.


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