The Changing Season

A Spring Day

A Spring Day

With shades of green the season bursts anew
and sprinkles pollen dust around with ease.
The thirsty buds soak up the evening dew
which spreads like spider webs across the trees.
The sun arrives and darkened bits of night
then start to change to hues of tender greens.
The sunshine crowns the trees with gleaming light
that makes them glow like noble kings and queens.
A gusty breeze begins to rake the yard
where last year’s leaves are gathered in big mounds.
The blue jays hop about with disregard
for gentle birds which scratch the greening grounds.
Each year the clocks are set to move ahead
to give more daylight time for work and play,
but sleepyheads are slow to rise from bed
with yawn and smile to welcome new spring day.

c Copyright, 2010, Freeda Baker Nichols

Appeared in Ozarks Mountaineer, March/April 2010
Poets’ Roundtable of Arkansas Anthology 2010-2011

10 comments on “The Changing Season

  1. Very nice! I am soooo happy spring is here!


  2. Darrel Nichols says:

    Good post!


  3. Greg says:

    Hi Mom! You’ve captured the essence of spring so eloquently. Love the picture you placed with it. I know exactly that setting, and wish I was there to enjoy this spring at Shirley.


  4. Dot Hatfield says:

    Freeda, your page looks good. Since your blogs come to my email I don’t look at the original every time. You have done so well designing your blog. I’m one of the sleepy heads slow to rise from bed. 🙂


    • Thanks, Dot. I had so much trouble loading that picture today. I almost gave up. I’ve heard that a different browser might have less issues than mine. I see some blogs that are awesome. They must require a lot of time and talent!


  5. Pitty says:

    Perfect description of 2012. Annamarie and I worked in the yard for a long time this morning: she mowed and I raked and cut old shrubbery. Nice day, nice season, nice poem. p


    • Thank you. The day was nice, here, too. I spent some time outside, walking, writing, relaxing. Enjoying the sunshine and admiring the tender plants breaking through the earth. Spring is amazing, isn’t it?


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