Page 2–It’s a Writer’s Life

From the Files: cCopyrighted, Freeda Nichols, 2012

Date of entry in my journal: Wednesday, January 14, 2009. 

It’s 8:13 A.M. Red clouds in the east this morning. Sailors take warning. Bad weather to begin. Might get down to 7 degrees tomorrow night.

I like the quiet of the house, only the hum of the heat unit’s blower is heard at the moment.  Sometimes my quiet is startled by the shrill ring of a phone. The world wakes up and, with its yawning, shatters the solitude. A night of slumber, restful, peaceful.  The darkness illumined only by the nightlight and moon rays.

The sun appears, making shadows on the lawn.

I am happy my poem will appear in the Van Buren County Democrat. (weekly Arkansas newspaper) The email acceptance from the editor that I received yesterday made me happy. She said it would be in the 01/22/2009 issue. To a writer, the published created work completes the cycle of writing.

This entry is part of a writing exercise. I’ve also been working on my manuscripts for books for children. Need to work on chapter 25 of my novel, but nothing comes to mind.

I think I’ll try to write  enough short stories to fill a book, like Hemingway’s “The Short Stories.” Of course, mine won’t be as well-written as his are.  But a writer can dream!

Back to today’s date, February 22, 2012.  That’s a sneak peek into my files of three years ago. These words speak truly of a writer’s life.

cCopyright, 2012, Freeda Nichols

4 comments on “Page 2–It’s a Writer’s Life

  1. Rita Dortch says:

    I like the poem. It makes me think of times I awake and listen to the silence. I like the solitude of the night to think and dream. The early morning sun and shadows across the lawn bring pictures from this country farm girl’s memories. Since retirement I sleep late. 🙂


    • Thanks, Rita. I appreciate your comment. You have some good photos from your childhood of farm life, and you write so well, too, that you shoulld put together a book with pictures, for you family’s keepsake. that would be a treasure. Your photos are just the thing to add to your writing. The story about Asa would be a highlight.


  2. Dorothy Johnson says:

    I like the poem! Also enjoyed the memories of thew well.


    • Dorothy, thanks for your interest in my writing endeavors. Poems are a challenge, but it’s fun to try the different forms. I’m grateful to Poets’ Roundtable of Arkansas for giving me courage to try and shape a poem.


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