It’s a Writer’s Life

From the files–It’s a Writer’s Life

 When my husband and I and our four children lived in San Antonio, I began to write.  My goal was to become a professional. The idea sounded like a dream that just might come true. But no matter how hard I tried to find time to write, the housewife and mother’s duties kept me from it.  If I jotted down my notes in the evenings, the TV blasted, the phone jangled, or the kids demanded attention one way or another.

One night, totally frustrated, I put my pen down and announced to whoever was listening:  “I’m going away somewhere to become a hermit!” 

From the couch, where he was resting comfortably, my husband said, “I’ll go with you and become a him-it.”

cCopyright, 2012, Freeda Baker Nichols

6 comments on “It’s a Writer’s Life

  1. Steve Nichols says:

    That is hilarious! Made me laugh


  2. Thanks. I’m happy to share. Still makes me laugh. Nothing like a husband’s encouragement. lol


  3. Barbara says:

    Freeda, Roy and I got such a “kick” out of this.


  4. Pitty says:

    Cute! I hadn’t heard this before. p


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