An Arkansas Pig Tale

                 An Arkansas Pig Tale

When Sadie Lee and Thomas moved to Creek,

they brought along three pigs, a mule and dog.

The dog, a Lab, Old Bounder was his name,

was big and shy and clung to Tom like lint.

The mule was called Moe Henry; he was strong;

he plowed the fields and garden every spring.

The pigs were Razor, Stringy Hair and Beaut.

When Razor’s snout up-rooted Tom’s green plants,

then Thomas said to Sadie, “That’s enough!

He has to go to forage on his own.”

And so he put old Razor out to range,

but Sadie cried because he was her pet.

Cold winters came and Sadie worried so

for Razor.  Tom then had to butcher Beaut

that first cold winter. Sadie cried again.

She cried once more because Hair had to go;

she turned against pork chops and bacon, too.

“Oh, Tom, why did you send my pig away?”

cried Sadie.  Tom replied, “To save my crops!

Now Sadie, I DON’T WANT that Razor back!”

c Copyright, 1996, Freeda Baker Nichols

Published in Encore, NFSPS, 1996

12 comments on “An Arkansas Pig Tale

  1. Martha,

    Your comment is comforting to me! You are a dear friend and I treasure our friendship which started with Gene’s Air Force tour of duty at Pease AF Base in New Hampshire. Thank you for visiting my blog. Look in often!


  2. Martha Heckman says:

    Freeda~ Thank you for the invitation to your blog! Your writings bring back a simpler time, and even this northern girl can look back to childhood and innocence.


  3. Mary McCool says:

    Freeda, I so wish you WERE running the schools! As a Kindergarten teacher before retiring, I had a rocking chair in my room and rocked many little ones at nap time. They are still just Babes when entering Kindergarten. What a shame that K has become more like First Grade. You are so right about the age being so young to enter K. I also enjoyed the “Pig Trail”. Had no idea where the name razorback came from. Keep up the good work! So glad that we will all have a chance to view what you have written. Cudos to you, girl!


    • Thank you, Mary, for your kind and encouraging words.
      I hope you will check this blog often. I’ll probably go to posting twice a week once I get into the swing of this.


  4. Karen Trout says:

    Thank you for inviting me to your blog. I enjoyed reading what you’ve done so far and look forward to more. Congratulaions!


  5. rolandmann says:

    CONGRATULATIONS on your blog, Freeda! Great job!


    • Thank you, Roland! Appreciate your suggesting WordPress for blogging. The posts in your blog have always been interesting, and I hope I can post something interesting, too. By the way, I’m still reading “Buying Time” and one day I’m going to finish it. I want to find out what time of his life that your character, Larry, decides to “go back to.” My book should be out in a few weeks. The printing is going well. I’m glad I chose that direction, thanks to you.


  6. Freeda, Freeda, Freeda. You got me with that pig story. I wondered where you were going with it, and O’Henry hit me square in the face with that surprise ending. I, too, always wondered why the pigs were called razor backs. I am a flatlander, you know, from down around Texarkana. You are doing great with the blog.


    • Thank you so much, Elizabeth. Wouldn’t it be awesome if that really were how pigs came to be razorbacks? My one true sentence! Flatlander or not, your latest book “Musings, Mutterings, and Aw Shucks” is a delight to read.


  7. Greg says:

    Howdy from Texas!! Always wondered about them “pigs” and how they got their name.

    Wow, Mom, I’m impressed with your blog page! You’re becoming quite the technology master. I’m proud of you and all your accomplishments with your writings.

    Love ya,


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